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Our expertise in the area is unparalleled. We deal in plots across north Maharashtra and some part of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. With land prices in the region rising, we have had several happy customers in the past. 


We make the process of buying plots as simple as possible for you.  



There's always a first time and we are there to make the process easy and hassle-free for you. 


We have prepared a checklist of things you must know before investing especially for first time buyers.


Visit our Projects for detailed info.

Land Investment has historically been the forte of large development companies, rich farmers or wealthy individuals. Land investment is a long term investment and with land prices always on the rise , it is the safest and smartest way of investing ones money.


Moreover, investing in regions such as Nandurbar can only add to your wealth.



buy land, they're not making it anymore.

-Mark Twain

site locations

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project highlights


  • Non-Agricultural Plots with clear legal approvals and permissions


  • Each plot available with separate 7/12 extract


  • All plots provided with basic facilities like roads, water supply, electricity, fencing, gates, etc.


  • Complete infrastructure for each project


  • Survey number available for all the layouts


  • Three Live Projects:

     Yogeshwar Nagar | Golden Park | Sagar Vihar



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